We strive to be the Fumigator of choice by providing the best quality service and value for money.
    • 1. Pheromone Trap Supply & Monitoring - The use of pheromones allows for the detection of insect pests in a particular area, so that an action plan can be put into place to eradicate the pest infestation.
    • 2. Residual Surface Spraying - The use of residual insecticides which are applied to walls and floors, acts as a control for insect pests in a facility.
    • 3. Thermal Fogging - Acts as an aerosol type treatment. Insect pests need to come into contact with the fog. Fogging allows for the insecticide to reach difficult to reach areas, cracks and crevices.
  • Licensed & Protected
    • 1. Delport’s only uses internationally validated pesticides.
    • 2. Proven, highly trained & managed team.
    • 3. Delport’s world class infrastructure & demonstrated processes.
  • Our Team

    We have a team of diligent and highly trained professionals to carry out all forms of fumigation, no job is too small or too big.

  • About Fumigation

    Delport’s service offering includes

    • 1. From the farms -Farm fumigation & pest management advice
    • 2. After auction floors and processing to Merchant’s warehouse
    • 3. Fumigation during storage
    • 4. Pre-export fumigation


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Delports Tobacco Beetle Exterminators have been in existence since 14th March 1974, a family owned and run business. Over 4 decades of being in business, Delports are continuously looking for ways to improve and develop a long-term relationship with our customers, formalizing strategies and plans to ensure the services offered are professional and cost efficient. Delports are always excited to look for the best solution to any challengers our customers may need solutions to, with a highly experienced, skilled, and dynamic team who carry out the various services, Delports pride themselves that our staff are our biggest asset

  • Mission Statement : To be the Fumigator of choice by providing the best quality service and value for money

Proudly, Zimbabwe’s #1 pest control service provider, assisting “merchant’s” to effectively protect & secure their agri-business assets & supply chain of leading customers around the world

The fundamentals of our process as follows:

  • Internationally Validated Pesticides
  • World Class Highly Trained Professionals
  • Delport’s Infrastructure: World Class
  • One Seamless & Accountable Service in Zimbabwe.

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With over FOUR decades of experience. You are guaranteed of a professional job done